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You Never See Me Coming


You Never See Me Coming is the story of Nicholas Grant, who as a child always wanted to join the FBI International. However upon rejection he made it his life's goal to take revenge and become a master mind thief. Buy it on Amazon.

-Description by Raahem Syed

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Welcome To The Good Hackers


When university student Adam Brown discovers that his best friend has started to use the hacking skills that he taught him to questionable ends, it is not just a friendship that is on the line. It is soon clear that an insidious operation is being launched that is capable of not just doctoring university results but extorting vast sums of money and even endangering life in international transport networks. Adam hastily assembles a trusted team of friends, The Good Hackers, with the aim to thwart and dismantle the plans of the sinister Anonymous group. In this technological warfare fought out with military precision between two determined student armies, a battle of wits, skill and resourcefulness unfolds. Seen through the eyes of the participants, the struggle intensifies and examines their emotional and mental reserves in a war neither side can afford to lose.

Order it now on Olympias Website or on Amazon

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