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Thanks to Everyone

I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me write and complete this book. They helped me every time I needed it and for that I am grateful. Some people had great ambitions and also offered to help after the release to advertise and to make sure this book is successful. Thank you Aariz Mirza, Aashaz Syed, Ameerah Syed, Anushah Mirza, Ayan Adnan, Ayesha Ali Khan, Azaan Mateen, Bazil Mateen , Hadi Syed, Hafsa Ali Khan, Haniya Qadri, Hiba Syed, Minaal Mateen, Rayaan Mateen, Ruhab Mateen, Rumaan Mateen, Rumaysa Adnan, Safi Syed, Sumeen Mirza, Suvaibah Ali Khan and Zaina Qadri. Thank you so much for all your help.

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